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3D Crystals

We are located on the northern coast of Croatia, in a beautiful small town called Novi Vinodolski. In our physical store, local residents and guests of our city, can use our service of laser engraving images inside crystals, of different shapes and sizes. When we laser engrave the desired image inside the crystal, customers receive a gift that they will keep for a lifetime and that will make them happy every time they look at it.

We ship to all EU countries + some outside EU

If you can’t come to our city, through this internet web shop, we come to you and offer you the same service that all our guests who come to our physical store have.

The quality of our crystals is at the very top, and we have adjusted the prices to these difficult times of inflation and uncertainty, and we want the prices of our products to be the most affordable in all of Europe.


from mobile to Crystal

Laser Engraving

Send us your picture from your cell phone or computer, and we will engrave it inside a high-quality crystal, package it, and send it to your address.